Amphora Mist Diffuser

Maison Berger Paris
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Plug in the Amphora Mist Diffuser to enjoy its light Sweet fig fragrant mist. The ultra-modern and elegant architectural principles of the diffuser are combined with the fruity, floral and green fragrance of Sweet fig, thus enhancing your interior. This 2-in-1 gift pack combines aesthetics and enjoyment.

Gesture :
The Maison Berger Paris mist diffuser is unique with its ready-to-use fragrances! Thanks to this innovation, the risks linked to a wrong dosage of perfume or essential oils are eliminated. Modern and elegant, it has a variety of functions, programmable remotely with a remote control. Optimize the diffusion of the perfume in a room by choosing the duration and the intensity of perfuming as well as the light ambiance for a warm atmosphere.

Advice for use:
Do not add perfume, essential oils or water to the Maison Berger Paris solution in the electric diffuser.
To ensure that it works properly, use only the Maison Berger Paris electric diffuser refills.
Clean your electric diffuser regularly, following the instructions for use.