Appartement du Roi - Château de Versailles - 400gr

Château de Versailles
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"King’s State Apartments" scented candle


As you move through the King’s State Apartments, the decor gets richer. Flamboyant marble decor and painted ceilings give way to white ceilings and gilded woodwork. This scented candle tells the story of polished parquet, majestic woodwork carefully maintained using beeswax whitened with white honey. Notes of pine needles from the Landes bring fresh elegance, then a triumphant cedar warms the room. An olfactory journey through time recalling the sovereign’s private apartments, where no one might enter unless summoned. A candle with soft, sunny notes of nurturing honey.

As a firm boasting the Living Heritage label, Maison Berger perpetuates untold savoir-faire with this scented candle inspired by the world of the Palace of Versailles. The finest glassblowers craft the bubble glass verrines, while the wax is hand-poured, endowing these exceptional creations with a true artisanal touch.

Olfactory pyramid:

Top notes: Pine needles. Middle notes: Orange blossom – Beeswax – Almond – Cedar. Base notes: Vanilla – White Honey.


Vegetable wax made from rapeseed and mineral wax. 100% natural.

Top-quality perfumes made in Grasse. 



also available in 100gr