Boudoir de la Reine - Château de Versailles - 100gr

Château de Versailles
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"Queen’s Boudoir " scented candle


A fantasy of Marie-Antoinette’s? Or a genuine hankering for a withdrawal to the simple life amid nature? We know not what inspired the building of the Queen’s Boudoir. It was used as a private reception room in a charming, pleasant setting. To reproduce its very special ambience for this scented candle, we needed to produce a warm, living aura, achieved using various spices: cinnamon, cumin, clove and even vanilla. The fragrance of roses is enhanced with the woody scent of sandalwood. What better to pay homage to this Queen who so loved flowers and scents?

Olfactory pyramid:

Top notes: Pepper. Middle notes: Cumin – Clove – Cinnamon – Rose – Jasmine. Base notes: Musk – Sandalwood – White Wood – Amber.


Vegetable wax made from rapeseed and mineral wax. 100% natural.
Top-quality perfumes made in Grasse. 

D60xH80 100gr