Grape Exfoliating Soap

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Enriched with grape seed powder, this 2-in-1 soap gently cleanses and exfoliates for daily use. It helps smooth skin by removing dead skin cells. Skin is then ready to receive the benefits of a firming treatment. Faithful to the artisanal technique of perfuming from the heart, this soap is delicately wrapped in a paper case to preserve all its freshness. Of natural origin and guaranteed without synthetic microbeads, its exfoliating particles allow to scrub and clean the skin gently.

Panier des Sens has drawn inspiration from nature to create its Renewing Grape skincare range. Formulated with organic white grape extract from Provence, grapeseed oil and red vine leaf. The collection is inspired by vinotherapy and packs all the goodness of grapes into detoxifying and slimming treatments. Cultivated with love at the Domaine de la Blaque in Haute-Provence, Panier's white grape is certified organic and benefits from a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin). Made in France.

Floral fruity. A cocktail of sparkling and fruity notes delicately softened by sensual white flowers.